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20 January 2013


By RRayhanR

 Philippine colonialism under President Benigno S. Aquino III declared a public commitment in Luneta Park, Manila, on June 30, 2010, defining boldly and vividly the lofty program of his government to finally end the 4-decades long Philippines-Bangsamoro war in Mindanao that has resulted in the deaths of more than 200,000 combatants and civilians, and countless material losses. His point of emphasis:  "We are committed to a peaceful and just settlement of conflict, inclusive of the interests of all - may they be Lumads, Bangsamoro or Christian."


Indeed the proclamation was in stark contrast with the Roman Empire era Julius Caesar-like speech of the 1935 Philippine Commonwealth regime President Manuel L. Quezon, who with all pompous arrogance and greed fervour mesmerized the all-Christian Filipino members of the National Assembly with his words: "The time has come when we shall systematically proceed and bring about the colonization and economic development of Mindanao. If therefore we are resolved to conserve Mindanao for ourselves and our posterity, we must bend all our efforts to occupy and develop it and guard it against avarice and agreed. Its colonization and development will mean increased national wealth and national security."


MNLF FREEDOM FIGHTERS ARE COMMITTED TO THE HISTORICAL HERITAGE OF DEFENDING BANGSAMORO (MORO NATION) FROM INVADERS AND COLONIZERS. The Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) launched the Bangsamoro people's freedom struggle since March 18, 1968 to regain independence and national self-determination from Philippine colonialism. Beginning in 1976, the MNLF answered the call for peace brokered by the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), thus, forging the MNLF-OIC-GRP Tripoli Peace Agreement; the MNLF-OIC-GRP Jeddah Peace Accord in 1987; and lastly the MNLF-OIC-GRP Jakarta Final Peace Agreements in 1996. But Philippine colonialism has had repeatedly betrayed peace. Thus, the loud call for Bangsamoro freedom is again getting louder from all sectors of the colonized Bangsamoro society, especially the youth and professionals. On this development, the MNLF freedom fighters have to respond positively following the centuries-old historical heritage entrusted on their shoulders by the valiant Muslim forebear warriors, who courageously faced martyrdom in defense of their religion, race and homeland from the Spanish, American and Japanese invaders. Today, the historical challenge is against the Filipino invaders and colonizers!

 Much like the avaricious gluttony of a power-hungry Roman killing machine thrusting into occupying and plundering the ancestral homelands of helpless and outflanked natives, the Filipino invaders in conspiracy with the American colonizers forcibly perpetrated the colonization and occupation of the Bangsamoro homeland of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan (MINSUPALA) despite the loud formal protests of the native inhabitants. In deceiving the global humanity of this worst human rights violation and gross injustice, the colonial looting was committed under the subterfuge of the land-grabbing law" Legislative Act No. 4197 of February 12, 1935" otherwise known as the "Quirino-Recto Colonization Act."


However, the draconian political strategy deeply-rooted in colonialism has consequently given ugly birth to the modern period Philippines-Bangsamoro war in Mindanao. Worse, the colonial man-made Mindanao conflict has already ruined and devastated the miserable lives of the Muslim and Lumad natives and as well some of the Christian settlers in the war-torn Filipino-colonized region.


Although Philippine colonialism has now confessed to the need of peaceful dialogues to finally end the genocidal war, yet it has repeatedly betrayed peace under the Marcos, Aquino I and Ramos presidential regime.

On this deceptive development surrounding the Filipino-Bangsamoro peace process, the basic question needing crystal clear answer is:  Why is it easier for the Filipino colonizers in land-grabbing and plundering the ancestral homeland of the indigenous Muslim and Animist peoples of Mindanao, but so much difficult for the latter to regain their precious native lands from the Filipino brigands?


Sadly now, this is despite the more than 40 years of mass killing of the Bangsamoro freedom fighters and civilians, including the aged, women and children, right in their own ancestral heritage homeland by the colonial Philippine military occupation soldiers. This is not to mention the 37 years now of peace talks and 3-time signing of peace agreements between the colonizer and colonized.


     Is the basic reason and possible truth premised on geo-politics that the former foreign colonizers, Spain, America and Japan, can just remain silent, blind and insensitive to the continued mass killing of Muslim and Highlander natives of Mindanao by AFP occupation soldiers just to preserve Philippine colonialism in the war-ravaged occupied territory? Is it a privilege to the Philippines being the colonial inheritor of the "glorious plundering past"?  .          


     What about the conscious community of nations represented by the United Nations (UN), Non-Aligned Nations Movement (NAM), Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), European Union (EU), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) and the various Non-Government Organizations (NGOs)?


     Do they only politically and economically exist to condone the evil, ugliness and brutality of colonialism and just remain indifferent to the oppression and exploitation of man by another man and to the injustice most profound perpetrated by the American and Filipino conspirators against the colonized and brutalized Bangsamoro people of Mindanao whose only fault in life is to fight for their fundamental human rights for freedom and bright future? 


     It is now written in global history that since the forging of the "historical breakthrough" Tripoli Peace Agreement in 1976 under the Marcos government, Philippine colonialism has for three consecutive times blatantly betrayed peace, thus including, under President Corazon C. Aquino and President Fidel V. Ramos. Similar to the "despised Dictator" Ferdinand E. Marcos, both former President Aquino and Ramos totally ignored the correct implementation of the MNLF-OIC-GRP Jeddah Accord of 1987 and the MNLF-OIC-GRP Final Peace Agreements of 1996, respectively.


     Today, Philippine colonialism under the Aquino II regime has again promised to establish "just and lasting peace" in Mindanao. Just like his previous presidential Filipino colonizers, he committed to signing the November 15, 2012 Framework Agreement on Bangsamoro (FAB) with the now Alhaj Murad Ebrahim-led Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF). The MILF is one splintered group of the MNLF that transformed itself into Moro National Liberation Front in 1982 under the national Bangsamoro martyr Al-Ustaj Salamat Hashim, who passed away in 2003 steadfast on the sacred struggle of the colonized Muslim and Highlander natives of Mindanao to regain freedom and independence from Philippine colonialism.


    Nevertheless, taking note of this twist of event, now that the Aquino II regime has sidetracked the MNLF under Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari and the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Cooperation in finding a comprehensive solution to the Philippines-Bangsamoro war in Mindanao in order to establish "just and lasting peace" in the region, is this a golden guarantee that the Mindanao peace will not be betrayed by Philippine colonialism for the 4th time? 4th time?


    Strangely though, the sole partner this time of Philippine colonialism under President Benigno S. Aquino III in the search for Mindanao peace is Malaysian colonialism under Prime Minister Najib Abdul Rajak, who unfortunately is viewed as the "last UMNO prime minister of Malaysia" by some Malaysian political analysts. Malaysian colonialism is until now paying only the measly amount of $5,000 annually the Sulu Sultanate Kiram heirs to continue colonizing and occupying North Boneo (Sabah) of the Sultanate of Sulu.


     However, be it as it may, the repeated betrayal of peace by Philippine colonialism and now conspiring with Malaysian colonialism to prove otherwise does not mean the total end of the freedom struggle of the Bangsamoro people to redeem their proud identity, integrity and humanity as a sovereign and free nation.


     Conscious of being a distinct and separate Moro Nation (Bangsamoro) truly different from the Christian Filipino nation, the Bangsamoro people can never abandon their socio-political and religious civilization heritage inherited from their history-making forebears, who for centuries courageously defended it against the Spanish, American and Japanese invaders. Certainly, the Bangsamoro freedom fighters today cannot abandon this historical legacy of regaining their independence and national self-determination, leaving it merely to the Christian Filipinos, who have become so proud relishing the ugly tyrannical role of invaders and colonisers, thus, betraying peace time and again for almost 40 years. years.


     As Peter Gowing, the prominent American researcher on Philippine and Bangsamoro history noted:  "Armed invaders - Spaniards, American, Japanese and Christian Filipinos - always outgunned the Moros but the invaders never succeeded in crushing the indomitable spirit of the Moros. They never subjugated the Moros. Every thousands upon thousands of Moros in hundreds of mosques and countless homes kneel in abject surrender to Allah. No lesser power, certainly no power on earth can ever bring them to their knees. This is their heritage."


     Deeply attached to the martyrdom of their colleagues-in-struggle and their loved ones in the past since launching the Bangsamoro freedom struggle, the MNLF freedom fighters steadfast in the ground  have today not wavered to live up to this historical heritage. -rrr/bfs  






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