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24 August 2012


By RRayhanR

 On July 4, 1946, Philippine colonialism reared its ugly head in the Bangsamoro homeland of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan (MINSUPALA) through direct courtesy, alas, conspiracy with American Imperialism. Tragically, it is recorded in global history that America committed two monumental crimes against humanity, involving the massive massacring of the aboriginal Indians and deceptively land-grabbing their ancestral homeland and also the inhumane enslaving of the 'African Americans' in American soil for myriad of years.  


Thus it's only right that the U.S. government has to seek apology and to compensate the native 'American Indians', who were nakedly terrorized, massacred and deprived of their precious lands and posterity as the historical free and sovereign Indian Nations similar to the Moro Nation (Bangsamoro) in Asia.


On the other hand, once African human slavery was outlawed in America, it's also justifiably correct that a gifted son of the black Negro race has to be elected U.S. president to remind the conscious humanity that terrorism, imperialism, colonialism and human slavery have no place in a peaceful civilized community of nations.


In modern history, it cannot be denied that America has taught the world the horrible spectre of 'state terrorism' to control mineral-rich nations and their nationals, particularly the leadership, in order to serve alone American vested-interest whatever the consequences. This diabolical scheme is accomplished through the usage of America's arsenal weaponry of mass destruction to directly terrorize, invade and occupy the target countries or perceived enemies.


 In the days of American colonization conquest of Philippines and Bangsamoro homeland, the U.S. government-fabricated Philippine Republic benefited much from 'mother country' America to have mastered the art of 'state terrorism' in colonizing and occupying

the ancestral homeland of the Muslim and Highlander natives of Mindanao, including the Igorots of Cordillera Region. Thus using far superior armaments and draconian laws based on the law of the jungle that 'might is right' or 'terror of majority numbers', the Filipino colonizers tried very hard to instill terror and fear on the hearts and minds of the native inhabitants of Bangsamoro homeland MINSUPALA and Mountain Province.

     Using 'military solution' to suppress the genuine sentiments of the Bangsamoro and Igorot peoples from the ugly clutches of Philippine colonialism, the power-hungry Filipino leadership ordered the indiscriminate bombings of the Muslim communities from the sea battleships, air fighter planes and land howitzer cannons presumably to frighten and 'to pulverize' the native inhabitants into complete capitulation in war-ravaged Mindanao.

     Furthermore, using the destructive tool of 'state terrorism' to subdue the Bangsamoro people into colonial submission and racial extinction, worse, to be identified 'Filipinos' whose historic-bacteriological roots is traced to the Catholic Spanish invaders and christianised Indios, who willingly became colonial slaves of both the Spanish and American colonisers, Philippine colonialism conducted a war of extermination and genocide against the Bangsamoro freedom fighters of Mindanao.

     Thus the bloody Mindanao war between the Philippine government  and the Bangsamoro freedom fighters took its heavy toll in defining the ugliness and aggressiveness of the Filipino colonizers in perpetuating colonial hegemony in the Bangsamoro homeland. Thus a chronicle of massacre after massacre of Muslim and Indigenous Peoples in their own homeland by the colonial Philippine military occupation forces made occasional headline news in local and foreign media.

     Under the onset of Philippine colonialism in the 1960s, after the defiance of Tawantawan in Lanao and Maas Kamlon in Sulu in the 1950s, the wanton massacres of Muslim natives of Mindanao were highlighted by the Jabidah manslaughter of 68 Muslim trainees in Corrigidor Island, Manila (Carmen) and Buldon mass murder in Cotabato of innocent Muslim civilians, Wao and Tacub massacres in Lanao and burning of houses and mosques, Siay and Ipil massacres in Zamboanga del Sur, Pata and Indanan massacres in Sulu and still other horrible massacres of B'laan, Tiruray, Kalagan, Maguindanao, Maranaw and Tausug natives in Mindanao war zone.

     Thus backdrop by the depredations perpetrated by the Philipine military and para-military terrorists against the Muslim and Indigenous Peoples in Mindanao, the Bangsamoro freedom fighters of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) in the 1960s and later in 1980s the Moro Islamic Liberation  Front (MILF) emerged to defend the preservation and survival of the Bangsamoro race against Philippine State terrorism campaigns to convert the Muslim and Lumad natives into frightened dumb cattle driven only to serve the bidding and call of the Filipino colonial masters in Luzon.

     However, notwithstanding the wickedness and savagery of the American-introduced 'state terrorism' employed by the oppressive Philippine State to cow and subdue the Bangsamoro freedom fighters into total surrender, the freedom struggle launched by the MNLF in the late 1960s has to continue serving notice to the Filipino colonizers that both twin evils of terrorism and colonialism never determine peace, but only worsen the Filipino-Moro war in Mindanao.

     Thus when will the Manila government take stock of the reality that resulting to treacherous peace negotiations and forging peace agreements with the Bangsamoro people, but only to trick the latter to complacency and indifference to Philippine State terrorism will buy the former more time to eradicate the freedom struggle of the Bangsamoro people of Mindanao.

     Let history remind the Filipino colonizers that the sovereign Bangsamoro Sultanate government already existed in 1450 recognised by foreign nations before America gained independence in 1776 from the British Empire and the 'fabricated Philippine State' was formed in 1946 through 'American benevolence'.

     Hence, Philippine State terrorism and colonialism cannot obliterate this historical truth. Clearly, it cannot deceive forever both the oppressed and conscious humanity that continued genocidal war and continuous massacres of the Muslim and Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao can ever attain peace and peaceful co-existence between the colonizers and the colonized to move forward to greater heights to regain full development and prosperity for the modern Filipino Nation and the historical Moro Nation (Bangsamoro).

     In the final analysis, only decolonization of the Bangsamoro homeland of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan by the Philippine government is the golden key to 'just and lasting' peace in war-torn Mindanao. This is dictated  by the wisdom of history.

    "Indeed, history is nothing more than a tableau of crimes and misfortune," said Voltaire, the French thinker. - rrr/bfs                   



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