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27January 2013


By RRayhanR

THE PHILIPPINE MASS MEDIA - In the Philippines, the mass media glorify the oppressive and exploitative Philippine colonialism against the victimized and colonized Muslim and Animist Lumad natives of Mindanao, deceiving the global humanity that it's the right moral thing to do.

In any democratic and free society in the world, the mass media play a big role in achieving and maintaining peace and harmony to ensure cordial, pleasant and peaceful co-existence amongst the communities. Indeed the people actively involved in media use truth and conscience as fundamental guideline. But this is not simply the case in the American-fabricated Philippine Republic.


In the present ever-proud "Catholic Filipino nation", one has to be guided by what the popular American African human rights activist, Malcolm X (John Little and later Alhaj Malik Al-Shabaz), said: "If you're not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed, and loving the people who are doing  the oppressing."


In the Philippines, the mass media glorify the oppressive and exploitative Philippine colonialism against the victimized and colonized Muslim and Animist Lumad natives of Mindanao, deceiving the global humanity that it's the right moral thing to do.


Apparently, wishing to project a balancing act and presumably hiding its apathetic role as a mere mouthpiece of Philippine colonialism related to the deeply-rooted in colonialism Bangsamoro issue, Philippine media like people to believe that the colonization and occupation of the ancestral homeland of the Bangsamoro people is a non-issue. And that the bastardization of the Muslim and Highlander natives of Mindanao and the Igorots of Cordillera Region (Mountain Province) into colonial subjugation and slavery is a moral victory for the shameless Filipino colonizers of Luzon.


Does this mean that the money-conscious Philippine media can relish every bit of this ugly form of human depravity as sacred and sacrosanct because they're only helping the Philippine government in preserving "peace and order" and forestalling the "dismemberment" of the American-manufactured Philippine Republic?


However, history has clearly bewailed the fact that the establishment of the "Christian Filipino nation" was the political handiwork of the unscrupulous American and Filipino conspirators. They contrived in designing the arbitrary and immoral annexation of the ancestral homelands of both the Bangsamoro and Igorot peoples into the so-called Philippine Republic in 1946 without the voluntary consent of the indigenous native inhabitants or subjecting their "membership" into a democratic referendum or plebiscite following the "rule of law." 


Even in Dubai, Philippine media continues to be a mouthpiece of Philippine colonialism by spreading sheer lies and propaganda by saying that Ustadz Khabir Malik belongs to the MILF when he is well known as the Chief-of-Staff of the MNLF Bangsamoro Armed Forces (BAF) under Prof. Nur Misuari. Kabayan is published in Dubai with Filipino staff. Photo: AP & AhlussunnahMedia

Thus, the unholy political conspiracy has today resulted in the 4-decades long Philippines--Bangsamoro war in Mindanao and restlessness in the Igorots' homeland. 


Related now to the Bangsamoro freedom struggle and the Mindanao war, for once in the miserable lives of the oppressed and exploited Bangsamoro people under Philippine colonialism, can the colonized Muslim and Animist Lumad natives ever expect fairness, objectivity and truth from the Philippine media?


Why do the Philippine media have to act like a blind mouthpiece of Philippine colonialism at the expense of the mass killing of both the Bangsamoro freedom fighters and innocent civilians whose only fault in life is their passionate love for independence and national self-determination usurped by the Filipino inheritors of Spanish, American and Japanese colonizers?


This dark chapter  of the gross injustice perpetrated by the power-hungry Filipino politicians was the enactment during the 1935 Philippine Commonwealth regime of "Legislative Act No. 4197 of February 12, 1935" otherwise known as the "Quirino-Recto Colonization Act," legalizing the land-grabbing in broad daylight of the Bangsamoro homeland of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan (MINSUPALA).


Thus, it is most tragic that the Philippine media being a proud mouthpiece of Philippine colonialism have only sworn to the oft-repeated democratic press freedom on the immoral basis of the forcible unfreedom and colonial slavery of the Filipino-colonized Bangsamoro people. Totally denying and ignoring the historical truth, the Philippine media have only viewed at the Spanish, American, Japanese, and, yes, Filipino invaders in Mindanao as saviours and benefactors, not as greedy colonizers and oppressors of the Muslim and Lumad natives.


Thus, it's quite strange to note that the Philippine media today have taken so much pride in praising to high heavens both the living and dead Armed Forces of 'Pabaon' (AFP) generals and foot-soldiers as "heroes" defending the integrity and sovereignty of the American-installed Philippine Republic. On one hand, playing the mouthpiece role of Philippine colonialism, the Philippine media have only labeled the Bangsamoro freedom fighters as "lawless elements", "terrorists" and even "Maoists" sometime in the past. Yet, they have not moved out from their own native soil in defense of the Bangsamoro race, homeland, civilization and religious heritage against the Filipino invaders, who have assumed the ugly role of the Spanish, American and Japanese colonizers.


On this paradox, can Philippine media continue deceiving humanity contriving with the political animals in government bent on preserving the status of the Bangsamoro people as colonial slaves forever in their own ancestral homeland of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan land-grabbed by the Filipino colonizers in conspiracy with the U.S. government?


 On the issue of "kidnapping" and "terrorism" in Mindanao, in fairness to a few responsible Filipino journalists not in league with the majority "envelopmental" Philippine media, it has been publicly divulged not less than by former Senator Aquilino Q. Pimentael, Jr that the Abu Sayyaf group was created by the Philippine military intelligence group during the 1996 MNLF-OIC-GRP peace talks to simply neutralise the Moro National Liberation Front. Per revelation of the Mindanaoan Senator, the Abu Sayyaf, which was the code name of the chieftain of Harakat-ul-Islami (Islamic Movement), Ustaj Abdurajak Janjalani, was the brainchild of of AFP 'Pabaon' General Alexander Aguirre and Navy Commander David Ruiz whose strategic goal was also to splinter the MNLF leadership. Later during the Arroyo regime, the so-called 15-member Moro National Liberation Front--Executive Council (EC) was formed to sabotage altogether the correct implementation of the 1996 MNLF-OIC-GRP Final Peace Agreements. But the 15-man MNLF-EC turned out to become only "Malacanang National Liberation Front--Easy Cash" group because it comprised only of "opportunistic" MNLF leaders in the government service of Philippine colonialism.


 Thus, the formation of the Abu Sayyaf group, which was armed and financed by the AFP intelligence from the beginning, led to the series of high-profile kidnappings of both local and foreign tourists as well as innocent and helpless Christian and Muslim civilians almost anywhere in Mindanao, including Sabah (how imaginative!), if only to create an atmosphere of massive tension and uncertainties in Mindanao to discredit the Bangsamoro freedom struggle waged from inception by the MNLF.


Relying solely on the disinformation and black propaganda materials of the Philippine civilian and military government, the Philippine media focused on the "sensational" depredation activities of the AFP-created Abu Sayyaf group, but never on its mysterious creation in undermining the peace efforts.


On the convenient usage of "terrorism" in meeting the target of importing U.S. military forces to Mindanao as it would enrich further some of the AFP 'Pabaon' generals and equip the demoralized AFP with latest war armaments of mass destruction, the Philippine media have bought hook, line and sinker the idea of declaring "terrorists" the Bangsamoro freedom fighters in connivance with the AFP-created Abu Sayyaf group coupled with the mysterious sudden emergence of the sabotage elements of the notorious Jameeyah Islamiya (JI) group, including the Rajah Soliman group in Metro Manila.


 On this weird kind of orchestrated and stage-managed situation and scenario, does it ever occur to the Philippine media that the American and Filipino invaders have only brought chaos and misery to Mindanao, Instead, they should be miles away from the Bangsamoro homeland of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan minding their own business and not to inflict pain, anguish and mass suffering on the native inhabitants. Why can't the Filipino and American invaders be the genuine "terrorists"?


Really, who are the land-grabbers, colonizers and terrorists based on the journalistic standard of the Philippine media as mouthpiece of Philippine colonialism?


Clearly now, to the Philippine media, the notorious "terrorists" can never be the multi-coloured barong tagalog-wearing political animals in Malacanang Palace, like today President Benigno S. Aquino III and privileged cohorts, who can order anytime the salaried AFP war errand-dogs to kill the "terrorist enemies of the state" and napalm-bomb their guerilla camps in Mindanao. It has to be the defensive Bangsamoro freedom fighters and the AFP-created Abu Sayyaf "lawless elements" terrorizing the people in their own land.


 Is this what Philippine media as mouthpiece of Philippine colonialism want the ignorant Filipino and Bangsamoro society, and the global humanity to believe?


 On this sad development about the subservient Philippine media becoming a willing tool to the perpetuation of the evil that is Philippine colonialism in Mindanao, the Filipino-colonized and media-maligned Bangsamoro people have also to recognize the cardinal truth that not all in Philippine media are manipulative master of lies and black propaganda because there are media opinion makers, like Prof. Randy David and Manuel L. Quezon III, amongst others, who have dared to inform the reading public about the salient truth related to Philippine colonialism in Mindanao. And possible comprehensive solution to the nagging Mindanao war.


 Deeply conscious of the ill-effects of colonialism in Mindanao introduced no less than by his great grandfather, Philippine Commonwealth President Manuel L. Quezon, the third generation grandson, Manuel 'Pocholo' Quezon III, commented:


"Hence, the conviction of the leaders in the 1930s that the Muslims had to be dealt with firmly, if the interests of the nation they were building were to prevail. This was, at best, a confrontational attitude -- "us" against "them". The Muslims were viewed as half savage children who needed firm discipline and tutelage -- concepts which to irritate Filipino leaders when they had begun to agitate for autonomy."


"The end result can all the more be seen as internal colonialism. Flooding Mindanao with Christian settlers -- the way Americans flooded the Midwest in the United States -- became one of the most effective ways of ensuring that the island would remain in the republic."


On ensuring a clear comprehensive resolution of the 4-decades long Philippines-Bangsamoro war in Mindanao for the sake of peace and development, Prof. Randy David, wrote:


"There is nothing intrinsically desirable or intrinsically wrong about an autonomous or politically independent Moro homeland, Statehood is not a moral destiny...it is a political instrument like any other aimed at answering the collective development of a community."


Hence, on this closing note, is there slightest hope for the Philippine media though acting spokesman for Philippine colonialism to see the light that the Mindanao war today can be resolved on the moral basis of historical truth.


The colonial wars between Indonesia and East Timor, and between North and South Sudan finally ended when both Muslim leaders, President Habibie of Indonesia and President Muhammad Bashir of North Sudan abandoned altogether colonialism to give freedom to East Timore Catholics and South Sudanese Christians and Animists, respectively. The rest is history of peace and normalcy for the four independent countries.


 Finally now, how can the Philippine media act not just a mouthpiece but also a conscience and catalyst for Philippine colonialism under President Benigno S. Aquino III to emulate the bolder steps of the two Muslim leaders to achieve "just and lasting peace" in Mindanao for the benefit and well-being of the suffering Muslim and Animist Lumad natives, including the Christian settlers, of the war-torn region? -rrr/bfs


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