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29 JuLY 2012



The Philippine-Bangsamoro war in Mindanao, causing massive humanitarian disaster every time the Moro freedom fighters and the colonial Philippine military occupation soldiers engaged in ground widescale mortal combat, has not permanently ended to date. This is despite the efforts of the stakeholders to achieve peace.


 Why? Is this due basically to the insensitivity and indifference of foreign conspirators, like Spain, America and Japan with the Philippines, to bring to closure the Mindanao war for the benefit of the colonized and oppressed Bangsamoro people under now Filipino colonialism?


As recalled, Spain, the mother of all piratical colonizers that invaded in the 16th century the Bangsamoro homeland of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan (MINSUPALA), has still to rectify her colonial blatant injustice against the Muslims and Highlander natives of Mindanao. The sinister scheme of Christianizing the native inhabitants of Mindanao and immorally land-grabbing MINSUPALA, worse, selling the Bangsamoro (Moro Nation) together with Cuba for a measly sum of Twenty Million Dollars ($20,000,000) to the American invaders in the ridiculous so-called Treaty of Paris is a worst inhumane act of gluttonous greed and deception in history. Simply despicable, it only displayed the ugliness of human greed for economic and political power generating clear horrible destruction and robbing innocent and peaceful people of their own humanity.


Arrogantly insensitive to the crimes committed against the Bangsamoro of Mindanao, the shameless Spanish leadership of yesterday and today have had not extended any elementary courtesy of apology to the oppressed humanity they have terribly wronged with their majestic jungle rule upholding "might is right."


 What about the case of the United States of America (USA) whose loud propaganda for "dream, hope and human rights" ascendancy is always proclaimed to sound like another Roman Empire on the road to glorious conquest?


Backdrop by the injustice most foul perpetrated against the Bangsamoro people, exemplified by the heinous Bud Dajo and Mount Bagsak massacres in Jolo island, including killings of women and children, and other atrocities in Mindanao, American moral ascendancy is surely weighed hollow and thin because until now the American leadership has remained insensitive and callous to the suffering and misery of the colonized Bangsamoro people under both the past American colonial regime and US government-installed Philippine colonialism today.

     History can never erase the fact how America contrived with power-hungry megalomaniac Filipino colonizers, like Manuel L. Quezon, Sergio Osmena, Sr., Claro M. Recto, Elpedio Quirino and notorious others, in colonizing the ancestral homeland of the Muslim and Highlander natives of Mindanao, including the Mountain Province (Cordillera region) of the native Igorots.

     Just like Spain, the United States of America have still to undo and correct the gross injustice done against the Bangsamoro people. While the US government has apologized to the aboriginal Indian natives in its own backyard for the naked massacring and land-grabbing events in the past, the American leadership has still to apologize to the Bangsamoro people. If only to prove true the oft-repeated American fairness and justice credo, how can America now under the first African American President Barack Obama help the colonized Bangsamoro people regain their freedom and national self-determination from the American-fabricated Philippine colonialism?


     The blitzkrieg invasion by Japanese imperial forces in the 1940s over the Bangsamoro homeland MINSUPALA simultaneous with Luzon and Visayan islands was the worst inhumane act contemplated and committed by an Asian to another Asian. The short-lived occupation of Mindanao by the Japanese invaders exhibited tyranny, cruelty and inhumanity at its lowest level.

     Thus, it was not surprising that in Mindanao the Japanese marauders had to suffer their worst defeat and highest death mortality at the hands of the Bangsamoro freedom fighters, who never surrendered to the Japanese tyrants unlike the Filipinos in Luzon.

     Thus, how would Japan now rectify the outlandish historical blunder committed against the Bangsamoro people of Mindanao under Philippine colonialism?

     As observed, the Japanese government, which has extended its deep apology to the people of Korea for the blind invasion and brutality committed against its neighbor, has still to apologize to the Muslim and other Indigenous Peoples of Mindanao for the tyrannical colonization of their ancestral domain. But is the present democratic Japanese government capable now to humble itself before the brutalized people of Mindanao?


     On top of all criminal activities committed by foreign aggressors against the peaceful and freedom-loving Bangsamoro people of Mindanao, Philippine colonialism -the proud inheritor of the Spanish, American and Japanese colonizers- has still remained the most insensitive and most inhumane colonizer to this very day. 

     In its bold capacity to deceive mankind, including the United Nations (UN), European Union (EU), Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) and Non-Government Organizations (NGOs), the Philippine government continues in imposing its "cursed" Filipino identity upon the colonised Muslim and Highlander natives of Mindanao. ("Filipino" is from the immoral "king of inequities" Philip, who died of dreadful vinereal disease with worms all over his obnoxious body. Originally, "Filipinos" are the Christian Catholic children of the Spanish invaders and later in 1872 identified the Christianized Indios, who were used by the Spanish colonizers in their war with the Moros (Muslims) of Mindanao.)

     The Filipino colonizers since July 4, 1946 have used the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to continue occupying Mindanao and terrorizing the Muslim and Lumad natives by launching a genocidal war against them since the 1950s, resulting now to the more than 4-decades Filipino-Moro war.

     In hoodwinking further the global community of nations, the Philippine government -from Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, Presidents Corazon C. Aquino, Fidel V. Ramos, Joseph E. Estrada and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo- had deceptively engaged the Bangsamoro freedom fighters in peace talks, including signing with peace agreements with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF).

     However, though there was an international peace agreement forged with the MNLF under Chairman Prof Nur Misuari, the Philippine government never has the political will to fully implement the peace agreement because of its ulterior motive in perpetuating colonial hegemony in MINSUPALA, courtesy of the 1935 National Assembly Legislative Act no. 4197 otherwise known as the Quirino-Recto Colonization Act.


     Since the founding in 1946 of the so-called Philippine Republic with the arbitrary incorporation of MINSUPALA and the Cordillera Region, the Filipino colonizers have used the "Philippine Constitution" as a weapon of mass destruction and deception to oppress and to colonize further the Muslim and Highlander natives of Mindanao.


Presuming to solve the Philippines-Bangsamoro war in Mindanao, registering to the death of more than Two Hundred Thousands precious lives, dislocation of more than One Million refugees in the islands of Visayas, Luzon and neighboring Sabah and countless material losses, including the burning of civilian houses and public mosques, Philippine colonialism has stage-managed in establishing a farcical Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). But the ARMM, which is just a mere fabrication of the pork-barrel conscious Philippine Congress/Senate legislators, has turned out a syndicated "milking cow" (termed by MILF Chair Hj. Murad Ebrahim) of politicians-turned "political marketers" of Manila and Mindanao. The fake autonomous set-up has only become the "cheating capital of Philippine elections" benefiting only the political animals in Malacanang Palace and their local stooges in Mindanao. Worst, the ARMM has been used by the unscrupulous and corrupt officials of the different national department agencies to steal by hundred millions using it a downloading centre for "ghost projects" because the gargantuan loot is easily liquidated by ARMM officials receiving the right percentage "commission". This Philippine pervasive corrupt practice was revealed by the former governor of North Cotabato. 

     Thus, the ARMM has only brought shame and ridicule to the Muslim populace being loudly condemned and protested by the Bangsamoro ulama (scholars) and religious leaders.


Now hounded or haunted by all colonial, criminal and political circumstances enveloping the forced and illegal occupation of the Bangsamoro homeland MINSUPALA, how can the erstwhile foreign colonizers, such as Spain, America and Japan, help Philippine colonialism under President Benigno S. Aquino III to solve comprehensively and peacefully the Filipino-Moro war in Mindanao.

     Is the conspiracy strategy still uppermost in their national interests to continue the inhumane treatment of the Muslim and Lumad natives of Mindanao as colonial slaves of the Filipino colonizers?

     How can the foreign conspirators involved in the brutalization and destruction of the Bangsamoro people of Mindanao become humane and fair enough to help the Philippine government under President Benigno S. Aquino III end the Filipino-Moro conflict in Mindanao with "just and lasting" peace formula?

     How can today Spain, America, Japan and the Philippines develop a high fortitude to embrace the anti-colonialism dictums, "no to exploitation of man by another man", "no to the law of the jungle that might is right," "yes to peace, no to war", and "Moros, not Filipinos"?

     Simply said, the past and present colonizers as well as all stakeholders to the elusive Mindanao peace should clearly understand that the only moral and genuine solution to the Philippines-Bangsamoro war in Mindanao is to address the root cause of the problem. That is Philippine colonialism! The rest of the lip-service formula, including military solution, financial and material dole-outs and color-coated others, is only superficial, artificial and cosmetic because all are merely by-products of colonialism.

     On this note, how then can the peaceful and conscious humanity, including the peacemakers and peace advocates in the UN, EU, ASEAN, OIC, NGOs and others, play a historic and objective role to help the Muslim and Highlander natives of war-ravaged Mindanao reclaim their own humanity and freedom from Philippine colonialism?

     Simply put, can the Spaniards, Americans, Japanese and Filipinos now at the helm of their respective progressive government be truly human beings to hear the silent cry, genuine sentiments and moral aspirations of their fellow human beings under oppression, historic-religious and culture disintegration and colonial bondage?

     In the final analysis, can the past foreign colonizers help the present Christian Catholic Philippine Chief Executive to emulate the historic role of Muslim leaders, like former Indonesian President Habibie and Sudanese President Ahmad Bashir, who boldly abandoned altogether colonialism to end the bloody war in their respective countries, giving peace and freedom to the Catholics of East Timor and Christians/Animists of South Sudan?-



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