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06 October 2012



The conception from the beginning of "Filipinas" (Philippines) as the King Philip II-related "cursed nation" into the American-inspired "fabricated Philippine State" in 1946 and presently into a showcase window of "state violence" has ominously made the Philippines a country of perils varied and war-mongers attracting divine wrath. Thus, the proudly proclaimed "Catholic nation in Asia" has always experienced the pangs of war and other unwarranted social crisis.

Nonetheless, is killing and mass killing of native Muslim and Lumad (Animist) freedom seekers morally righteous in the perpetuation of Philippine colonialism in the Bangsamoro homeland of Mindanao, Sulu and Palawan (MINSUPALA) for the Manila government? Is killing so rewarding in erasing any trace of citizens' protest that cannot seek justice from the bankrupt and corrupt Philippine political and judiciary system?

On one hand, is it not also inviting continuous man-made human destruction and natural catastrophic devastation from the wrath of the Divine Creator, alas, ushering in untold misery and suffering for both the Filipino and Bangsamoro masses under Philippine colonialism?

With the up to date widespread killing and continued mass killing of peace-loving and freedom-conscious Muslim and Animist natives by the colonial Philippine military

occupation forces and para-military troops in Filipino-occupied Mindanao, it can now be construed that "Filipinas" as a Catholic nation in Asia never has a compassion for peace. Sad to say, the Luzon-based Christian Filipino colonizers, whose vocation in life is to perpetrate injustice, to land-grab ancestral homeland and to enslave the native inhabitants of the occupied territory, have passionately embraced and encouraged unabated mass killing of both the colonizers and colonized. The colonial gods of "Imperial Manila" cannot simply motivate and nurture peaceful co-existence of the Christians, Muslims and Animists in this part of the world.

What is the tragic "curse' that bedevils Philippines?

Indeed clearly now, Philippines have been transformed into a "violent state" as aptly described once by the Filipino martyr and hero Senator Benigno 'Ninoy' Aquino, Jr. Thus, for the Philippine leadership under the Marcos regime up to now to espouse "state violence", it has condemned itself to face and to encounter surely ugly consequences, including wrathful vengeance from the One Divine Dispenser of true and genuine justice.

However, can a "Filipinas" of tomorrow morally transcend to possess a big Christian heart to sow "just and lasting peace", not perpetual genocide war, with the colonized Bangsamoro people of Mindanao and with the reform-conscious Filipino citizenry? And, is this possible, given the penchant of the Filipino leadership in preserving vigorously for Philippine colonialism in Mindanao and suppressing fiercely with military might the grievances of the progressive elements of the Filipino society?


While still exiled in the United States before his August 21, 1983 Manila tarmac assassination on the dirty hands of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) soldiers of Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, the martyred national hero, Senator Ninoy Aquino, father of President Benigno 'Noynoy' Aquino III, cited once that Philippine's "state violence" under the Marcos regime has forcibly skyrocketed the AFP budget, surpassing other vital government agencies combined, such as the Department of Education, Department of Works and Highways and Department of Social Welfare and Development. He impressed upon the peaceful community that "state violence" has caused the Mindanao war and the AFP-NDF/NPA war in the Philippines under the murderous Marcos dictatorship to continue wreaking havoc, involving mass killing of precious human lives and as well affecting badly the Philippine socio-economic, political and judicial system.

Because the Catholic Filipino nation has had been transformed into a repressive and oppressive "violent state", it has always adopted "military solution" in addressing the freedom struggle of the colonized Bangsamoro people and Igorot peoples of Mindanao and Cordillera Region (Mountain Province), respectively, and suppression of any legitimate cause of grievances of the Filipino masses that the National Democratic Front (NDF) is championing.

Thus, the Philippines as a "violent state" is expected to court destructive bloody war of outrageous proportion because the Manila government can never exist in peace and harmony with the people, particularly the oppressed Muslim and Indigenous Peoples struggling for national self-determination and the restive Filipino masses yearning for reformative changes in the Philippine decadent  society. Since adopting "state violence" as a course of action for governance by both civilian and and military leadership, the country has plummeted into being ridiculed as "sick man of Asia" and a "Catholic nation of war-freaks marked by pervasive endemic corruption, massive poverty, growing hunger, worsening patronage and warlord politics, drug and gambling addiction, alcoholism and prostitution, rampant criminal activities, like kidnapping, rape, car-napping and other vehicle jacking, bank robbery and other ills of society.

On this sad note, this may also explain why the Philippines has to repeatedly experience the wrath of the Supreme Creator characterized by constant stormy typhoons, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes and rain-floods, wiping out whole communities, damaging heavily civilian houses, bridges, seaports, airports, community parks, cemented and asphalted roads and causing untold suffering and human deaths.

Of course, toward the natural calamities constantly plaguing the Philippines today, the salaried people in government, paid researchers and media personnel would always dismiss the destructive natural phenomena as casually caused by "climate change", "global warming" or ill-effects of so-called El Nino and La Nina, totally ignoring the sad truth that the abnormal damaging repercussions could be a form of punishment or chastisement for the corrupt-ridden government and insensitive people in government service and in profitable private business enterprises. They have considered it a normal positive role of the government to practice the art of mass killing of human beings and in suppressing genuine sentiments and legitimate grievances of both the colonized Bangsamoro people of Mindanao and the deprived Filipino masses in the country as always "business as usual".

In the case of the oppressed Bangsamoro people, who have fought the Spanish, American and Japanese invaders and now still fighting the Filipino colonizers for centuries now in defense of their ancestral homeland, racial freedom and sacred religion, they have to face all odds, including the weapons of mass destruction available to their adversarial tormentors and land-grabbers. Unable to match the lethargic weaponry of the Philippine military occupation forces in their own homeland today, the Bangsamoro freedom fighters can only continue the liberation struggle equip only with God-given raw courage and the few armaments bought and secured from the invading enemies. They can only rely on the moral support of the colonized people and strength of human prayer in continuing patiently their freedom struggle against the Filipino aggressors.

Thus, although with limited means, but strongly relying on the collective prayers of the militant supporters of the freedom struggle in the ground and the conscious colonized segment of the Bangsamoro society, the Muslim freedom fighters are consoled by the fact that it is strangely observed that the Philippines in comparison with other nations in Southeast Asia has become the center point of divine wrath and vengeance because it does not value at all value precious human lives. Inside, Instead, as a "violent state", the Christian Filipino leadership only justify the killing and mass killing of of Muslims, Highlanders and Christian enemies of the Philippine State as "collateral damage" in providing justification to military "counter-agency" operations, earning more budget for AFP while undergoing the brutal killing process of militant dissenters, including progressive students and media personnel.

However, can the Christian Filipino colonizers accept this reality? They readily dismiss the repeated natural turbulence as merely normal as a way of human life. Apparently, the government attitude that cleansing the impoverished Filipino nation of "recalcitrants", "terrorists", lawless elements", "Maoists" and "communists", referring to the freedom-seeking Bangsamoro people and the Christian people's revolutionaries, is only the most practical thing to do in order to maintain the tumultuous status quo.

On the flimsy ground of blindly practicing Philippine "state violence", does this signal the darkest destiny pre-destined by the Divine Creator for the power-greedy and heartless Filipino politicians, like President Manuel L. Quezon and clique, and for the tyrant Filipino Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos to undertake so as to invite disaster after disaster both man-made and divine will in the passing years?

In Islamic knowledge, if a person cannot be accepted by earth soil ("mother earth") for proper burial, he is the worst kind of human being who is truly cursed by the Almighty God. It is no wonder that the architect of Philippine's "state violence" is still lying in a "state of animation" awaiting for "hero's burial" until kingdom come so to speak.

Tragic indeed! But surely nobody can just escape divine punishment for being instrumental to have ill-conceived the untold misery and suffering of bastardized native inhabitants and oppressed citizens with government-imposed genocidal war necessitating mass graves and myriad cries and woes of sadness and heartaches of colonized and exploited people.

Hence, with the continuing Philippine's "state violence" to prolong the Mindanao conflict and the AFP-NDF/NPA war to showcase more human killings and humanitarian disaster scenarios in battle zones, it is no wonder that the Philippines nowadays is facing continued man-made and God-sent damaging plagues and as well global ridicule. 

Furthermore, it does not at all help the war-enterprising Philippine government in deceitfully stage-managing artificial peace talks and forging peace agreements with the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) that are not meant for implementation except only to result to colonial dilatory tactics.

Therefore, is there no end to Filipino colonizers' insanity and thirst for continued colonization of the oppressed Bangsamoro people of Mindanao based on war of genocide? Is there no end for human killings of the progressive militant elements of the Christian Filipino citizenry crying for social justices and reforms? 

Finally, how will the present Luzon-born Christian Filipino colonizers in the helm of Philippine leadership, like President Benigno S. Aquino III, Vice-President Jejomar Binay, Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile and Congress Speaker Sonny Belmonte, fare in all this human madness and divine wrath?

Do they possess the moral ascendancy and sincerity to right the injustice most profound perpetrated by their political Luzonian predecessors to finally end wars and human killings? Are they humanely capable to negotiate for peace without colonial prejudice and bias to enshrine peaceful co-existence and harmony of freedom-loving Christians, Muslims and Animists of Southeast Asia?  

Advising the Filipino rabid colonizer Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos, the visionary hero Senator Ninoy Aquino said: "Study the lessons of history before it is too late." And also, "if you are not sincere, how many will die"? -osm/mnlfnet.com


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