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Jolo, Sulu, Mindanao
October. 20, 2011


By Abdullah Osman, BMNews Correspondent


Mnlf Chairman Nur Misuari and Commander Ustaz Habir Malik during a visit of the Chairman to Camp Jabal Uhud, stronghold of Cmdr. Malik.

State Chairman Alhaj Khaid Ajibon of the Lupah Sug State Revolutonary Committee who recently launched an anti-kidnapping campaign in Sulu.

BMNews, Jolo, Sulu - Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) traveled immediately to Lupah Sug (Sulu) after arriving from the Middle East last October 16, this year, to call a command meeting of all MNLF officers of the Lupah Sug State Revolutionary Committee (LSSRC) and other island-based regional and national military task forces.

     As recalled the LSSRC-MNLF under Chairman Alhaj Khaid Ajibon declared and launched the anti-kidnapping campaign in the islands of Sulu last week, following the 'principled instruction' of the MNLF national Chairman Prof. Misuari. The MNLF leadership moved to conduct the anti-kidnapping campaign against the lawless elements and patronized groups of the so-called Armed Forces of 'Pabaon' (AFP) officialdom, emerging as a third AFP group that the civilian Philippine government could not control. Since the kidnapping spree had been going on unchecked now for many years by the colonial AFP occupation troops and the local Sulu provincial government, the victimized helpless Muslim and Christian civilians of Sulu have decided to seek the help of the MNLF to end the un-Islamic activities of the Abu Sayyaf group and other plain bandits in the islands. 

     It is recorded that former Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr. revealed that the Abu Sayyaf group was created by AFP former Generals Alexander Aguirre and David Ruiz to neutralize the MNLF before the GRP-OIC-MNLF peace talks during the early 1990s. The AFP-sponsored group sprang out from the Al-Harakatul al-Islamia (Islamic Movement) formed by the late Ustaj Abdurajak Janjalanii (pseudo-name Abu Sayyaf) immediately after AFP assets, like Edwin Angeles, Abu Sabaya and others, penetrated the radical movement. The noted AFP 'agents' later met their death mysteriously as reported by Philippine media without corroborated source. The Al-Harakatul al-Islamia is another splintered group from the MNLF that could not accept autonomy under Philippine colonialism as the fundamental solution to the centuries-old Mindanao problem. Under Ustaj Abdurajak Janjalani, the Islamic Movement, composed of young Bangsamoro students and professionals, struggled in establishing an independent Islamic State in Mindanao closely similar with the MILF objective under the martyred Ustaj Salamat Hashim. On the other hand, the AFP-created Abu Sayyaf group has been reported by both AFP  and Philippine media propaganda as a monstrous kidnapping machine in conducting kidnap-for-ransom activities all over Mindanao, including Sipadan and Palawan. The sensationalized criminal activities later  invited the entry of U.S. military forces in Mindanao to combat 'terrorism' in the area. Though unconsciously, the Philippine military and media may have forgotten that the 'terrorists' could never be the local freedom-conscious native inhabitants of Mindanao, but the Filipino colonizers and other foreign invaders to the region. The Abu Sayyaf group has also been reported by Philippine and military media to have been reduced into a very small group, but surprisingly it could still conduct easily its kidnapping activities to the dismay of the victimized families and peaceful populace in war-torn Mindanao.

     In meeting the MNLF state and national political, military and religious leaders in the island of Jolo, MNLF Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari challenged them to be conscious of their Islamic responsibilities, including stomping out kidnapping and other criminal activities declared haraam by Islam. He also briefed the MNLF forces and mass supporters related to the latest development on the peace process between the MNLF and Philippine government and the recently concluded Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers (ICFM) meeting in Kazakhstan, June, this year. -abo/BMnews   



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