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Jolo, Sulu, Mindanao
October. 11, 2011


BMnews, Jolo, Sulu- Chairman Hj. Khaid Adjibon of the Lupah Sug State Revolutionary Committee (LSSRC) of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) has recently proclaimed the launching of an anti-kidnapping campaign against the lawless elements in Lupah Sug (Sulu), including trouble-making groups patronized by the colonial Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) occupation forces in Sulu to create chaos and terrorize the local populace, particularly the rural civilian residents.

"The LSSRC-MNLF will not tolerate anymore any unIslamic activities committed by trouble-makers making Lupah Sug a haven of kidnappers. Kidnapping is haraam in Islam and the MNLF is going to conduct a relentless campaign to eradicate this anti-Islamic activity that has stained the integrity of the Muslims in Sulu," said Chairman Adjibon Khaid. The LSRC chieftain also revealed to the BMNews correspondent, who interviewed him yesterday, October 10, this year, that the LSSRC has called a command conference of all respective municipal and barrio MNLF committee commanders in launching this vigorous anti-Islamic drive against kidnapping in Sulu. He also emphasized that the LSSRC has coordinated with all MNLF Task Force units, particularly the national and regional MNLF commands based in Sulu, to conduct joint operations against the kidnapping groups. The biggest and most influential MNLF national command based in Sulu is MNLF Task Force Jabal Uhud under Chief Commader Ustaj Khabir Malik.

It is common knowledge in Sulu and in mainland Maindanao that the Abu Sayyaf group (ASG) was created by AFP former Generals Aguirre and Ruiz, according to former Senator Aquilino Pimentel, Jr., to neutralize the MNLF. Since the creation of ASG taken from 'Abu Sayyaf' being the alias of Ustaj Abdurajak Janjalani, who founded Al-Harakatul al-Islami (Islamic Movement) in 1992 to continue the Bangsamoro struggle to regain freedom from Philippine colonialism and eventually to establish an 'independent Islamic State' in Mindanao, series of kidnappings were successfully committed, despite the much-vaunted propaganda pronouncements of the Philippine military "to pulverize the group" to end kidnappings in Mindanao. It is even most surprising that the Abu Sayyaf group can easily operate in all areas in Mindanao, including Palawan and Sipadan island in Sabah, to kidnap both local and foreign citizens for multi-million dollars ransom with the Philippine military officials only cursing the whole mess that the Philippine media always sensationally report.

It is recalled last year that the most highlighted kidnapping in Sulu took place right inside the town of Jolo. This involved the abduction of three Red Cross workers, a Filipina and two foreigners. It has lately surfaced that the kidnappers identified as always belonging to the Abu Sayyaf group was headed by an "asset" of the Jolo-based AFP Brigade. After the release of the kidnapped victims later, the certain ASG headman was reportedly killed by AFP military operation, but this kidnapping incident created a startling revelation. The people in Sulu could not stop from talking and sharing notes until reaching the Manila press that AFP Marine Brig. General Juancho Sabban, who was assigned Chief of Task Force Comet in Sulu at the time of the kidnapping incident, netted millions of U.S. dollars. They reasoned out that this was clearly proven how the military general carefully held on to his shoulder bag when alighting from a plane in a Manila airport as shown by a TV footage.

Just as in Jolo in the past, the local businessmen had a field day sharing jokes that the richest military official that time was the AFP Brigade Commander General Tolentino, who always had a share from foreign commodities smuggled into Jolo and from local politicians, who had to pay him for getting elected because the counting of ballots usually after elections, of all places, was conducted inside the Philippine military brigade. In Jolo during election period that time, the local politicians shamelessly lined up themselves in the Brigade camp to seek audience with the Tabak Brigade Commander, who was known to them as "godfather", for obvious reason. 

Now with the massive launching of the anti-kidnapping campaign by the Lupah Sug MNLF, it is expected that high tension between the colonial Philippine military occupation forces and the Sulu-based Bangsamoro freedom fighters would be strongly felt by the rural civilians, who have experienced off-and-on peace and hostilities even during the peace process period towards the complete implementation of the 1996 Peace Agreement signed by the Philippine government and the MNLF as witnessed by the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Conference. However, as clearly explained by Chairman Hj Khaid Adjibon, "although observing strictly the ceasefire agreement,  the LSSRC MNLF have also to conduct the anti-kidnapping campaign in fulfilling its moral responsibility to stop once and for the unIslamic activities of groups tarnishing the integrity of the Muslims and the image of the MNLF in Sulu." He further emphasized that "our collective decision is in conformity with the principled instruction of the MNLF Central Committee Charman Prof. Nur Misuari." On this new development, the LSSRC Chairman appealed to all sectors in Sulu society for cooperation and moral support. BMnews/mnlfnet.com  


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