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Zamboanga City, Mindanao
October. 30, 2011


By Abdullah Osman, BMNews Correspondent

An OV-10 bomber plane used by the Armed Forces of the Philippines in bombing MNLF & MILF Forces in Jolo, Basilan & Zamboanga Sibugay.

       BMNews, Zamboanga City- "It is really strange that the civilian Philippine government now is beholden to its military branch," said Prof. Daim Abadi, head of the Bangsamoro Strategic Research Center (BSRC). "It is like the Philippines and today's civilian leaders have not taken off from the ugly vestiges of Martial Law declared by President/Dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos in 1972 that ultimately ended when he was bolted out from power in 1996," he further explained.

     Does this  mean that the newly-created Armed Forces of 'Pabaon' (AFP) officials can declare an "All-Out War" anytime of the day even under a popularly-elected Philippine president? This is apparently the case now when suddenly All-Out War break loose in Sulu, Basilan and Zamboanga Sibugay orchestrated by some AFP officials to  prove that they're in control of the situation and need money fast to sustain any declared war. Also, any time too, they can always claim and declare "victory."

     It is observed that after the wake of the Philippine Senate hearing that revealed the shenanigans in both the AFP and PNP agencies, unmasking the 'pabaon' (take away home pay) generals, ghost soldiers by thousand fold, kidnap for ransom share by AFP officials, human rights violations, etc., the military leadership had to scheme diversionary tactics. This followed the startling reports of unusual and expected happenings in war-torn Mindanao by the Philippine media to create high tension atmosphere. 

     As recalled sometime in early September, this year, the Philippine military and public media reported the expected kidnappings in Zamboanga peninsula and Sulu, including the foiled bombings in Zamboanga and Cotabato City. In the midst of the peace process between the Philippine government and Bangsamoro freedom fighters and strict observation of the agreement of cessation of hostilities or ceasefire, the colonial AFP Army Scout Rangers mysteriously attacked the MNLF camp in Sumisip, Basilan, in September 11, killing 3 and seriously wounding 1 MNLF National Security Command (NASCOM) forces. The AFP raiders also burned both the flag of the MNLF and Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC). The MNLF Secretary General Ustaj Mushi Ibrahim described the incident as a "barbaric act aimed to sabotage the MNLF-OIC-GPH's relentless and arduous effort to resolve the already century-old political conflict between the Muslim people and Imperial Manila." MNLF Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari filed a formal complaint on the treacherous event to the OPPAP and the Office of the OIC Secretary General.

     Few days after the provocative AFP attack on the MNLF Basilan camp, fighting suddenly erupted in Jolo, where AFP Marine camp in Talipao was strangely attacked by unknown armed men belonging to a "parrang sabil" (martydom) group, resulting in the killing of 13 attackers.

                                                  AFP ASSAULT ON BASILAN MILF CAMP

     The unusual AFP aggression was followed up in October by another sudden attack on the MILF camp in Basilan that resulted in the killing of 19 colonial occupation soldiers and 6 Bangsamoro freedom fighters. Furthermore, the violent incident was strangely followed by sudden ambush and fighting in Sibugay Zamboanga that involved MILF forces and  AFP/ PNP troops, resulting in the death of 3 soldiers and 3 policemen.

     While the MILF leadership expressed surprise and bewilderment on the sporadic series of unexpected hostilities between their forces and the AFP soldiers, the ersthwhile collaborators of Marcos Martial Law regime turned political opportunists, like Senators Juan Ponce Enrile and Panfilo Lacson, Congressman Rodolfo Biazon and convicted plunderer ex-President Joseph Estrada, called for immediate suspension of peace talks and clamored for "All-Out War". The emotional demand of the rabid Christian Filipino colonzers for vengeance and hatred against the colonized Muslims of Mindanao was sensationalized by the Philippine major Print-TV media networks, especially ABS-CBN.

     Nonetheless, the cry to All-Out War also encountered caution and protest from conscious peaceful society groups and personalities, like former President Fidel V. Ramos, who reminded the Filipino and Bangsamoro communities of the humanitarian disaster experienced by a close to a million innocent Muslim, Christian and Highlander refugees needing global assistance during the All-Out War in the year 2000. 

     It was clearly noted that the All-Out War to "wipe out" the Muslim freedom fighters and to drive them out from their camps, particularly Camp Abubakar as-Siddique in Cotabato, was declared by former President Estrada only to salvage his scandal-ridden presidency. As reported by the Philippine media, the Estrada post All-Out War strategy was celebrated by "holding a lunch of beer and lechon (roast pig)" right in the former MILF Camp Abubakar. On one hand, the arrogant display of human pride and disrespect for cultural-religious sensitivity angered and insulted the Muslims of Mindanao and the Islamic Ummah worldwide. President Estrada was later impeached and booted out from Malacanang six months after the incident. He was rejected by the people and later convicted, arrested and jailed for plunder.

     In today's All-Out War scenario under the Aquino watch, it is seemingly seen that the president himself is committed to his loud call for "just and lasting peace" in war-torn Mindanao. Thus, his version of war footing is selective targeting only the so-called lawless elements, who have no respect for the peace process. He has also earlier called for thorough investigation of the MILF-AFP Basilan encounter, reprimanding some AFP officials not totally conscious of the peace process.   

     Lately, after the conduct of the AFP offensive operations in Zamboanga Sibugay that has resulted to looming humanitarian disaster with over 20,000 families fleeing from their homes to seek refuge in peaceful areas, the AFP leadership have declared "victory". The colonial AFP occupation soldiers conducting the military operation in the area found the MILF forces decimated and not resisting at all, meaning the Bangsamoro freedom fighters are more conscious of the on-going peace process. 

     From a loud call to All-Out Peace, to selective All-out War, the present Aquino government has now adopted "all-out justice" to oversee the Filipino-Moro war in Mindanao in pursuing the peace process?
-abo, BMNews Correspondent 

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