[Image scanned from 1963 U.S. Army Poster No. 21-48]

Battle of Bud Bagsak
Jolo, Sulu, Philippines
June 11-15, 1913

The four-day battle was personally led by U.S. Brigadier General John "Black Jack" J. Pershing of the 8th Infantry and Philippine Scouts against Moro resistance fighters armed mostly with kris, barongs, spears and few guns. In many other battles in the Morolands, the brave Moro fighters were proven to be unstoppable by the 0.38 caliber pistol and other rifles which led the Americans to invent the more powerful U.S. Army Colt 0.45 caliber pistol.

This battle was a massacre. More than 2,000 Moros died including 196 women and 340 children