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Central Committee Chairman & Founding Leader
Moro National Liberation Front
At the 17th MNLF Grand Summit Gathering
Crocodile Park, Davao City on October 21, 2012


Part 1

Prof. Nur Misuari, Central Committee Chairman & Founding Leader of the MNLF started his speech by introducing himself as, among others, elected 2 times unanimously and repeatedly while under Philippine colonial incarceration and imprisonment President of the Bangsamoro Republik by the now Bangsamoro National People’s Parliament.     The Bangsamoro Republik (BMR) is by now already 44 years old. It was founded by the MNLF Chairman simultaneously with the MNLF at the Freedom Park right across the road in front of the main gate of Malacanang Palace in Manila. It was on the occasion of the 9-day 9-night demonstration triggered by the heinous cold blood massacre of over 200 innocent Bangsamoro Muslim youth who were mainly recruited from the MNLF Chairman’s region of Tawi-Tawi, Sulu, Basilan and Zamboanga peninsula.

Modesty aside, the MNLF leader was a former professor of the University of the Philippines (UP) in Diliman, Quezon City. He taught political science courses for several years until he went underground in September 1972, only 10 days before the formal declaration of martial law by the Marcos dictatorship. As a teacher, he used to handle such important subjects as world governments and diplomacy, political theories and philosophy, South East Asian governments and politics and world revolution. It was apparently in recognition of the professor’s academic experiences coupled with his success in bringing to world attention the Bangsamoro people’s plight and their armed struggle vis-à-vis Philippine colonial rule and its abuses and highest crime that he was awarded the Honorary Doctorate Degree in Humanities and International Relations by the State University of Mindanao. 


Part 2

As a dedicated soldier of peace and champion of grassroots democracy, he has received plaudits from various quarters including the United Nations for the world’s most prestigious and coveted United Nations Peace Award  -  the 1997 UNESCO Peace Award. This UN Peace Award was shared by the MNLF leader with H.E. Pres. Fidel V. Ramos, his counterpart in the peace process that resulted in the formal signing in Malacanang Palace of the historic September 2, 1996 OIC-GRP-MNLF Final Peace Agreement that ended the vicious cycle of the Philippine colonial war of mass extermination in the Bangsamoro homeland. This final peace treaty agreement was intended to serve as “the implementing mechanism” of the earlier tripartite peace treaty agreement known as the Tripoli Peace Agreement of December 23, 1976 better known as the Mother Peace Treaty Agreement. It was earnestly negotiated and then signed in Tripoli, Libya at the height of the Marcos dictatorship.

Owing to the excellent collaboration and mutual goodwill in deference to the cause of peace, Chairman Misuari and Pres. Ramos were able to speedily restore peace to the war-ravaged Bangsamoro homeland, and by this token they were able to gain further recognition for their valuable contribution to regional if not global peace that merited them the nomination for the Nobel Peace Laureate Award. While some sources thought that their names were probably on top of the list of potential winners, yet the prize was finally given to more deserving nominees.


Part 3

The UN membership has since then risen to 133 with the addition of Timor-Leste and subsequently the Republic of Kosovo, a former province of Serbia. When Kosovo’s declaration of independence was brought to the World Court at The Hague, Holland it was decided by the most competent jurist that “mere oppression would suffice to justify the separation of a province like the case of Kosovo from its parent country” (quoted from memory).

What is important is that the United Nations and its member states are quite well aware of the existence of the MNLF and more importantly the driving force behind its existence which is to help in the humble way in the common effort to promote the peace in the world and prevent war that might harm mankind or a precious part thereof.

Meanwhile recently in response to the written resolution or recommendation of the Bangsamoro National People’s Parliament, Prof. Dr. Nur P. Misuari was accepted as “special envoy of the MNLF and Bangsamoro people to the OIC General Secretariat and its 57 member states. Accordingly, the MNLF leader has now join the list of special envoys to the OIC.

At the end of the historic 7th Parliamentary Union of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation Member States (PUIC) conference held in Palembang, Indonesia recently the MNLF delegation succeeded to obtain “Permanent Observer Status” for itself and by extension the Bangsamoro National People’s Parliament as well. Thanks, Alhamdulillah , to the kind assistance of some senior members of the Indonesian Parliament.


Part 4

I want to assure you dear brothers and sisters and fellow citizens of the much talked-about Bangsamoro parallel government that any further wrong doing or misdeed the Philippine colonial government and its occupation colonial armed forces will commit in our homeland and against our innocent people, the peoples of the world particularly those in the Islamic Ummah will no longer tolerate and surely the pace of the Bangsamoro struggle under the correct firm or steadfast MNLF leadership will be accelerated, insha’Allah

Long live the Bangsamoro Republik, long live the Bangsamoro struggle & revolution for peace, for justice and for larger national freedom; long live the Bangsamoro unity & solidarity. The tribal highlanders, the Christians, the Muslims in every part of the Bangsamoro Homeland will come together in solidarity with each other for a common purpose namely the emancipation and freedom and ultimately the independence of the Bangsamoro Homeland.


Part 5

Islam teaches that unity is power; in Arabic language Al-ittihad al-Quuwah. Long live the Moro National Liberation Front – the hub, the pivotal center of our people’s national unity and solidarity; and long live the Bangsamoro Armed Forces recognized everywhere in the Islamic world as the largest the most powerful and the fastest growing revolutionary armed forces in the entire world. Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! 


Part 6

They asked “Is it true that there is a haunting threat to rearrests you and put you in prison?” Others inquired “Is it true that the Framework Agreement between the Philippine government and the fragmentary remnants of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front will overshadow and undermine or abrogate the series of treaty-agreements and/or peace treaty-accords the MNLF has entered into with both the Philippine government and the OIC?”. Moreover, they further asked for clarification regarding our present and future plan of action to meet the exigency of the present dilemma we face wrought by the revelation of the so-called Framework Agreement. Thus, further question like “If the Philippine colonial government has indeed abandon the peace treaty-agreements and/or peace accords, are they not liable for abrogating their binding international obligation and commitment? And in the event this would prove to be true, isn’t it a slap on our people’s and the MNLF’s face? A few among our brother asked “Have you not made any contingency plan to meet the exigency of the present unexpected development? and so on and so forth. Now I bear on all these questions in my speech and please do listen carefully and attentively so that you may not commit any error in transmitting our resalah or message to our people upon your return back home or our message could be misinterpreted should you make some mistake in recalling them. As such it might become a sort of fitnah which is forbidden if not condemned by the Almighty Allah. First of all, it is my desire, my fervent prayer as your elder brother in our glorious struggle jihad that the outcome of our meeting today here in this great city of Davao would add further wisdom and much-needed enlightenment to all of us; not only that but also the much-needed impetus to accelerate the momentum of our people’s emancipation and freedom from Philippine colonialism and its war of mass murder and extermination that may merit the attention of the International Criminal Court at the Hague, Holland.

By this token we hope that we would be strengthened in our resolve our will power as we pursue with even greater determination and vigor the sacred cause of enduring peace and justice for all and freedom in our war-ravaged Bangsamoro homeland. 


Part 7

We can see unmistakable signs of the end of the tortuous road – the road to freedom against 65 years of Philippine colonialism on the one hand and the road to freedom against 49 years of Malaysian colonialism on the other. At last these two neighbouring colonial powers one North of our national homeland Mindanao and the other West of our national homeland the once powerful Sultanate of Sulu have shown their dirty and crafty hands by their brazen interference in our people’s internal affairs – an interference that may vindicate us in our just and legitimate but peaceful response in the future.

Now, I want you to join me in declaring before the whole world our intention to continue our effort to look for final solution to our people’s claim over Sabah and the rest of North Borneo which the Sultan of Brunei had given to the late Panglima Mahabassal IIidji as a gift for rescuing him from the hands of a palace coup.

All those who join hands in crafting the Framework Agreement were blindly motivated and devoured by their sizeable greed and avarice and in their criminal sense to conspire and embarrass the MNLF and the Bangsamoro people before the eyes of the world. They apparently believed that by breathlessly or hastily clowning the said Framework Agreement behind the scene they could undermine and abrogate the series of OIC-GRP-MNLF peace treaty agreements and/or peace accords that way they could also inflict harm on the MNLF and the Bangsamoro people and their just and legitimate struggle for the decolonization of the Bangsamoro homeland from Philippine colonialism.


Part 8

Their conspiracy in Malacanang Palace that afternoon of October 15 and the signing of the Framework Agreement on Bangamoro was like signing their own death sentence. It may not be too soon though but surely it is bound to happen, insha’Allah.

Hji. Murad and clique have become pure and simple puppets and pawns in the hands of Philippine colonialism on the one hand and Malaysian colonialism on the other.

Murad and company had agreed to get only 5 tiny provinces which combined together is aptly the size of the original Cotabato province that was criminally sliced up during the time of Marcos and now constitute at least 5 provinces

The Tripoli Agreement of 1976 covers 13 provinces & all the cities contain therin and furthermore the late President Corazon Aquino in fulfilment of her promise to the MNLF Founding Leader & Central Committee Chairman had agreed through her peace panel in Jeddah to allow the MNLF and our people to enlarge or expand the 13 provinces to cover the whole of Mindanao and the former Sultanate of Sulu including its component islands and other territories as well as its territorial waters and continental shelves.

In our recent peace talks, the Philippine panel have recognized our people’s rights over the whole mines and minerals leaving to the Philippine government only Uranium.


Part 9

To agree to disarm our freedom fighter would be an invitation to another tragedy and the alienation of our people’s land is unforgivable.

The Framework Agreement is another recipe to the resumption of Philippine colonial rule. I totally disagree with Pres. Aquino in his last statement before the media that “the Framework bill will bring lasting peace to Mindanao” for it could be a pretext for another all-out war of mass extermination in our homeland. 


Part 10

The MNLF is proud to call itself as freedom fighters, soldiers of peace – guardian and champion of peace. Therefore, should there be another war in our homeland, in the aftermath of the Framework Agreement  of Hji. Murad, Pres. Aquino and Prime Minister Najib Razak, we do hope that the entire world will ask these 3 conspirators to account for their misdeed or wrongdoing.

In my meeting with the OIC Secretary-General last Oct. 15 at the Makati Shangrila Hotel, I was informed of the OIC plan to call for the resumption of our stalled Tripartite High Level Peace Talk

Probably as part of the OIC preliminary consultation, I am invited by His Excellency Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsannoglu to the Midlle East.

If you allow me to explore the possibility of resuming the peace process through the usual initiative of the OIC and its 57 member states then I’ll fly to the Middle East on your behalf and for the sake of peace that we all want to install in our homeland. I’ll invite a limited number of representatives from among the tribal highlander brothers, Christian and Muslim brothers to join me in my entourage. I want you please to raise your hands and exclaim Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar should you permit me to travel abroad with my entourage for this purpose.

(Shouts of Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar)

Lastly, I take pleasure in informing you that I am also invited to attend the 39th OIC Conference of Foreign Ministers due in the Republic of Djibouti in East Africa at the Eastern Part of the Red Sea. Insha’ Allah, I shall lead a big delegation both from our homeland and the Middle East with the usual promise that we shall not fail you nor shall we fail our entire people across our national homeland

Wa billahi tawfiq wal hidaya, wassalamu alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu. Thank you and may Allah bless us all

Your brother in our Jihad fi Sabilillah,

Prof. Dr. Nur P. Misuari

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!


Part 11


Part 12


Part 13


Part 14




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