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of the Peace Agreement And Other Issues Affecting South Philippines

The historic meetings of the enlarged Central Committee and the National Leadership of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) held in Cabatangan Complex, Zamboanga City, Mindanao, South Philippines from July 10-11, 2001. 

Bearing in mind the resolutions of the State Congresses of the Bangsamoro Homeland, the 4th as well as the Extraordinary Session of the Bangsamoro People’s National Congress relative to enriching the peace process between the MNLF and the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP), with the active participation of the 56 Muslim countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC); 

Recalling the Peace Agreements signed by the MNLF with the GRP, such as, the 1976 Tripoli Agreement, the 1987 Jeddah Accord and the 1996 Manila Implementing Agreement, and inspired by the noble intention of putting an end to the war in South Philippines; 

Also recalling the historic international document of peace, the September 2, 1996 Peace Agreement, whose letters and spirits promise genuine, lasting, comprehensive and durable autonomy or self-government to the Bangsamoro people under the reign of the MNLF; 

Further recalling the recent resolutions of the OIC, particularly the ones issued in Ouagadougou, Burkina Faso, in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia and in the latest one, in Bamako, Republic of Mali during the 28th Islamic Conference of Foreign Ministers where the powerful pan-Islamic body “appeals to the GRP not to take any unilateral measures, and in particular not to unilaterally conduct a plebiscite in the ARMM in line with the Peace Agreement concluded between the MNLF and the GRP under the auspices of the OIC; 

Cognizant of the international prestige and politico-economic weight of the oil-rich Muslim countries and their influence in the community of nations whose 9th Islamic Summit Resolution in Doha, State of Qatar commissions the OIC Ministerial Committee of the Seven to contact both the GRP and the MNLF during a period not later than the first quarter 2001 in order to define a time frame for the full implementation of all the provisions of the 1996 Peace Agreement; 

Reaffirming our renewed total and full support, trust, confidence and loyalty to the leadership of H.E. Prof. Nur Misuari as Chairman of the MNLF Central Committee and President of the Bangsamoro Homeland;  

Having considered the fresh report of H.E. Chairman Nur Misuari to the Central Committee and to the National Leadership, especially the current political developments unfolding in our midst. 

1. Renews our solid support and loyalty to the leadership of H. E. Prof. Nur Misuari as Chairman of the Central Committee of the MNLF; 

2. Calls on the OIC member-states through the Office of the Secretary General of the OIC and the Ministerial Committee of the Eight to individually and collectively extend political and economic pressures to the GRP to respect the letter and spirit of the Peace Agreements and to fastidiously implement all the provisions of the Manila Implementing Agreement; 

3. Appeals to the OIC to consider upgrading to full-fledged member now the Bangsamoro people’s participation in the pan-Islamic body through MNLF representation;

4. Calls the OIC to give muscles and meaning to their yearly resolutions and that of the Islamic Summit Resolutions mandating all member-states and subsidiary organs, specialized and affiliated institutions, including the Islamic Development Bank, to increase their economic, financial, technical and material assistance for the development and rehabilitation of Southern Philippines through the ARMM and the SPCPD under the auspices of the MNLF; 

5. Appeals to the OIC Ministerial Committee of the 8 to strengthen the struggle for self-determination of the MNLF in consonance with the Charter of the OIC; 

6. Urges the GRP to implement in letter and spirit the GRP-OIC-MNLF Peace Agreements. 

7. Urges the GRP to immediately install and deliver genuine autonomy or home-rule to the MNLF and the Bangsamoro people; 

8. Urges the GRP to rethink the possible implications and consequences of its planned conduct of plebiscite on August 15 this year in the ARMM, which is a clear indication of disrespect of the resolutions of the OIC; 

9. Calls the GRP not to conspire with and cuddle the breakaway elements from the MNLF who are out to divide the unity of the Bangsamoro people as well as the rank and file of the MNLF; 

10. Condemns the divisive acts of the breakaway group called “Executive Committee” or EC, which attempted to usurp the powers, functions and duties of H.E. Prof. Nur Misuari as Chair of the MNLF; 

11. Calls the Manila-based diplomats and other foreign nationals to refrain from their undiplomatic acts or any other interference schemes which are clearly contradictory to diplomatic protocol and etiquette; 

12. Condemns the assault of the AFP elements of Camp Maharlika, in Matikang, Lantawan, Basilan and the MNLF forces in the same province and elsewhere in Mindanao; 

13. Urges the MNLF Central Committee to revitalize its organizational structure and re-energize its strategic goals for the enhancement of the peace process and to strengthen its coordination and communication; 

14. Urges the Central Committee leadership to retrain and upgrade the skills, acumen and know how of its political and military cadres; 

15. Urges the Central Committee leadership to strengthen and sustain its religious efforts and undertakings; 

16. Calls the OIC and the GRP to immediately resume the Tripartite Meeting so as to preserve the gains of peace; 

17. Decides to reject R.A. 9140 signed by the Arroyo government into law on June 22, 2001 which calls for referendum in South Philippines on August 15,2001 and for other purposes; 

18. Decides to formally create the Special Technical Committee to study, among others, the pros and cons of the new ARMM law; 

19. Decides to establish a provisional government in the event of the failure of the Peace Agreement; 

20. Decides to enshrine all the guidelines, rules and assumptions and the aspirations of the Bangsamoro people into a Charter which would serve as the fundamental legal framework of the MNLF; 

21. Decides to revert back to the struggle for national political independence of the Bangsamoro Homeland once the GRP will abandon its commitment to the Peace Agreements. 

Adopted at Cabatangan Complex, Zamboanga City, South Philippines, this 11th Day of July, 2001. 


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