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19 January 2002
Reference No. (9662) 6645101

“Rage of the Moro Masses” – Misuari


CHAIRMAN Prof. Nur Misuari of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) has described the recent Jolo incident as the starting point of “the rage of the Moro masses against the Philippine colonial government.”

            The observation of the MNLF Chairman, who is now detained in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, was revealed to Atty. Elly Velez Pamatong, the New York-based lawyer who visited the former yesterday in his detention center.

            Since the incarceration of the legendary Muslim leader, the oppressed Bangsamoro people of Filipino-occupied Mindanao have expressed their sympathy and support with the MNLF Chairman, who to them wholeheartedly abandoned the so-called ARMM governorship just to express his disgust and disappointment with the insincerity and treachery shown by the Philippine government under President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo related to the non-implementation of the September 2, 1996 MNLF-OIC-GRP Peace Agreements.

            The recent Jolo incident that involved the “Concerned Citizens of Jolo” peace rally of more than 10,000, but was apparently sabotaged by the Philippine occupation Marines, resulting in the shooting war between them and the AFP, PNP-MNLF Integrees, signified the raging disheartened feelings of the Bangsamoro people against the Manila government. It registered 36 deaths and several wounded, mostly innocent civilians.

            Worst, showing their hatred to the Filipino occupation forces, the Moro civilians cut into pieces and beheaded some Scout Rangers during the second raging day. 

            It is recalled that through the instigation of Peace Process Presidential Adviser Ret. Gen. Eduardo Ermita and Special Concerns Adviser Norberto Gonzales, President Gloria M. Arroyo created and financed the so-called 15-man MNLF Executive Council to divide the MNLF leadership and to confuse the Bangsamoro people with the prime objective of marginalizing Chairman Nur Misuari in the peace process.

            Furthermore, the Ermita-Gonzales master plan was also to deceive the Islamic Ummah, particularly the 57-nation Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC), and the international community of nations into believing that the MNLF Chairman is a “corrupt and incompetent” ARMM Governor and no longer recognized by the MNLF general membership.

Conveniently, the Arroyo government used the government-paid Manila tri-media to discredit and to malign the integrity and character of the MNLF Chairman. Unfortunately, the black propaganda was merely mouthed by the international tri-media - CNN, BBC, NBC Asia, REUTERS, AFP, etc.,alas, without slightest verification of the truth from the other side.

Now with the wide sympathy and support generated by the unlawful detention of MNLF Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari from all sectors, particularly from the professionals, youth, studentry, religious and women of the Bangsamoro society in Mindanao and MetroManila, the fact cannot be hidden that the people have identified themselves with the tragedy befallen the supposedly known “father of Bangsamoro independence” created by Malacanang.

The Bangsamoro people have had expressed their dissatisfaction with the Arroyo government by holding spontaneous peace rallies for “Misuari and independence” in Mindanao and MetroManila. And peaceful demonstrations are further scheduled, particularly the simultaneous joint MNLF-MILF Davao, General Santos, Cotabato and Marawi City rally for Bangsamoro independence on January 21, this year.

Closely watching the developments and complementing with the strong sentiments inside the Mindanao homeland for complete national freedom, the Bangsamoro expatriates in the Middle East, particularly in Saudi Arabia and in the Gulf States, have expressed their concern with the fate of MNLF Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari.

They have issued a call to the Bangsamoro people inside the homeland that the MNLF Chairman together with MILF Chairman Ustadz Hashim Salamat and the other patriotic Highlander and Christian Mindanaoans should be supported with their heroic struggle to regain the self-determination and independence of Mindanao

Dr. Abu Muhammad, Head of the MNLF-Bangsamoro Independence Council based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, has chided the Philippine President Gloria M. Arroyo for dividing the MNLF and Moro people with the concoction of the 15-man MNLF EC to unilaterally install again a fake autonomy in Mindanao. It is seen that her political move is to enhance her winning the 2004 presidential election in Mindanao.

The Jeddah-based Bangsamoro leader observed that “the Manila government has never learned a lesson from history because hell-bent to perpetuate Philippine colonialism in Mindanao, the Filipino presidents -- from Quezon, Marcos and now Arroyo -- have never tired to institute the sinister divide and rule policy that has caused the continuing Filipino-Moro conflict that to date has registered close to 300,000 deaths and countless material losses in Mindanao.”

In the Gulf States, the Bangsamoro workers expressed disappointment over the inutility of President Gloria M. Arroyo to solve peacefully the escalating Filipino-Moro war in Mindanao.

On the other hand, they have also expressed disenchantment on the un-Islamic action shown by Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Muhamad of Malaysia.

The spokesman of the group, Prof. Zaidi al-Amir, described the Malaysian strongman as “ a bad example of a Muslim leader who can never be trusted by the Islamic Ummah to do justice to the oppressed humanity.” He added, “if a Muslim leader like him could commit injustice to Muslim leaders, like Anwar Ibrahim and Chairman Nur Misuari, we can only pity the Malaysian people, who are today terrorized by his machiavellian politics and has blindly reduced Malaysia into a mere police state through the draconian Internal Security Act (ISA) decree.”

“However, this kind of immoral Muslim leader, who has become a gross violator of human rights and truly now the ‘great Malay dilemma’, should be exposed and cursed by the Malaysian and Bangsamoro peoples,” emphasized further by Prof. Al-Amir.

The Bangsamoro expatriates in the Middle East agreed with Atty. Elly Velez Pamatong that the power-hungry Malaysian Prime Minister should be declared by now the “number one terrorist in Asia” for the Malaysian people do not deserve this kind of vicious and vindictive leader.

The Bangsamoro expatriates altogether expressed their support with the move of the Muslim lawyers in the Philippines to file charges against the Malaysian Prime Minister in the International Court in Belgium for violating the fundamental human rights of the premier Bangsamoro freedom fighter, Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari, whom he deported from Malaysia to the Philippines minus an extradition treaty to face  “rebellion” charges fabricated by the Philippine court.

It is observed that as usual, the MNLF Chairman, who was given the highest recognition by Sabah Governor Sakaran Dandai the title “Datu Seri Panglima”, left Mindanao via the East Bornean state to report to the OIC Secretary General in Jeddah regarding the violations committed by the Manila government in the implementation of the September 2, 1996 MNLF-OIC-GRP Peace Agreements. However, the Malaysian Prime Minister ordered mysteriously his apprehension for “illegal entry” and eventually deported him to Manila for detention despite the humanitarian intervention of the UNHCR and the OIC Secretary General.

Prof. Al-Amir thus concluded, “the conspiracy between Prime Minister Dato   Seri Mahathir Muhamad and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to marginalize MNLF Chairman Prof. Nur Misuari in the peace process has everything to do with the Sabah issue. The Philippine president may benefit by hundreds million U.S. dollars from her Malaysian counterpart to assure her campaign funds for presidential election 2004, and mutually the Malaysian leader may hope to resolve the thorny Sabah problem during his reign. Thus, for this reason alone, Malaysia tried so hard to become the 8th member of the OIC Ministerial Committee tasked to solve peacefully the Bangsamoro problem.”

On this score, the Bangsamoro expatriates in the Middle East have joined the loud protest of the Muslim lawyers in the Philippines and the strong petition of the MNLF to the Office of the OIC Secretary General to remove Malaysia while under the leadership of Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Muhammad from the OIC Ministerial Committee handling the Muslim affairs of South Philippines.

They expressed agreement with the observation of the MNLF Secretary General, Ustadz Murshi Ibrahim, that “the active participation of Malaysian Foreign Minister Dato Seri Hamid Albar, who is merely an errand-dog of Prime Minister Mahathir, in the OIC Ministerial Committee of Eight has only aggravated the Filipino-Moro conflict. A conspirator from the beginning, the Malaysian Foreign Minister is only pursuing the personal interest of his superior at the expense of the Bangsamoro and Filipino peoples, who are doomed to fight each other to serve the hidden agenda of Prime Minister Dato Seri Dr. Mahathir Muhammad and President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo.”

Jaddi Jehan, Ummu Kezia, Abdullah B. Usman, 
and Abu Muhamed Rheda -- BMNews Correspondents 
in Mindanao and Middle East.



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